The Year of Uncertainty and Change

Turn those two things into your driving force for 2021

Embrace the unknown to face the full spectrum that your own life has to offer

Let’s take a jump 365 days back in time. Even though there was no clue about what kind of year we all will be facing soon, the very same aspects; freedom and control were both very present in all of our lives. However, we all have very different, personal relationships with these two. Some of us find tremendous comfort and safety from certainty and control as prime guidelines through the days of our lives. If life has always been guided by the same very specific routines and strong control over things, breaking habits might feel like a jump into deep dark waters. Something that you want to avoid at all costs.

Strengthen your self-awareness to grow through your fears

Those who consider themselves perfectionists, should ask themselves if, in fact, they are afraid of their own imperfections? That kind of person can face their fear by learning to mess things up intentionally and face the consequences, and finally realizing that the world does not end there. If, in turn, you follow some strict lifestyle, ask yourself why it gives you safety and comfort to stick with it? Live one month by doing the exact opposite, and explore how it feels like to face the unknown and give up on the control and safety that your strict lifestyle has offered to you.

Use the crisis as a fast-track to your dreams

This kind of process of personal growth is more natural result of a certain life crisis into which you were thrown involuntarily. In the midst of it, it might feel like your world is crashing down, but afterwards, the very same people usually express how thankful they now are as the crisis made them change a perspective on ‘’what really matters in life’’. The crisis often serves as a push to pursue something they had always dreamed of but were too afraid to try.

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